The Particulars: Some studies have suggested that uric acid may be neuro-protective in brain ischemia. Research has yet to determine if this endogenous antioxidant molecule can improve functional outcomes in patients with ischemic stroke.

Data Breakdown: For a study, acute ischemic stroke patients were treated with alteplase within 4.5 hours of symptoms onset. Patients were randomized to placebo or uric acid. Among those who received uric acid, nearly 40% were relatively free of disability at 90 days, compared with 33% of patients who received placebo. Uric acid was especially beneficial for women, patients with high blood sugar levels, and those with moderate stroke.

Take Home Pearls: When combined with standard clot-busting medication, uric acid appears to reduce stroke-related disability. This treatment may be particularly effective in women and those with moderate stroke or high blood sugar levels.