The Particulars: Blood thinners are typically prescribed to treat DVT, but these agents tend to be only partially effective at removing clots. Rheolytic pharmacomechanical thrombectomy is a treatment for DVT that consists of bathing clots in medication, blasting the clot with a high-pressure saline solution, and vacuuming the broken clot out of the body through a catheter. This novel approach may treat DVTs more quickly and effectively than using blood thinner therapy alone.

Data Breakdown: For a study, 371 patients with DVT were treated with rheolytic pharmacomechanical thrombectomy. More than one-third (38%) of treatments were completed in less than 6 hours, and 76% were completed in less than 24 hours. At 1 year, 81% of patients were free of DVT.

Take Home Pearl: Rheolytic pharmacomechanical thrombectomy appears to be a fast and effective alternative to treating patients with DVT.