Micro-incisional glaucoma surgeries (MIGS) are novel surgical procedures for treatment of glaucoma. They aim to safely and effectively reduce intraocular pressure (IOP) with minimal trauma to the eye and less complications. The first generation iStent ® is the first approved ab interno MIGS implant for management of open angle glaucoma. It works by allowing aqueous humor to drain directly from the anterior chamber into Schlemm’s canal bypassing the trabecular meshwork, the major site of outflow resistance. The second generation iStent inject® is the smallest available trabecular device that occupies less than 0.5 mm. It is designed to facilitate the surgical technique and allow simultaneous implantation of two stents, aiming for more IOP reduction. This review examines publications about the iStent inject, focusing on the device’s efficacy, safety, and comparison with the first generation iStent. Both devices were found to be safe and effective tool in management of open angle glaucoma.