A ketogenic diet may be safe and beneficial, reducing some symptoms for people with MS, according to a study presented at the annual meeting of the Amer- ican Academy of Neurology. J. Nicholas Brenton, MD, and colleagues as- sessed the safety and tolerability of a 6-month ketogenic diet intervention in patients with re- lapsing MS. Among participants, 83% adhered to the diet for the full study period. Overall, fat mass decreased from baseline to 6 months for individuals on the diet (41.3 vs 32.0 kg) and a significant decline occurred in fatigue and de- pression scores. MS QOL physical and mental composite scores associated with the diet also improved. Furthermore, the investigators ob- served improvements in Expanded Disability Status Scale scores, the 6-minute walk test, and the nine-hole peg test. At 6 months, fasting serum leptin was lower and adiponectin was higher for individuals on the diet.