The aim of this study is To decide the frequency of kidney stones in pregnancy, the danger of antagonistic birth results, and treatment patterns. We played out a populace based coordinated companion study utilizing Ontario’s medical services data sets. All pregnancies in Ontario from 2004 to 2014 were distinguished. The investigation openness was medical clinic confirmation, trauma center visit, or mediation for kidney stones during pregnancy. Every pregnancy with a stone was coordinated to up to six pregnancies without a stone dependent on age, area of home, pay quintile, year of associate passage, earlier births, and multibirths. The essential result was unfavorable birth result characterized as preterm birth, low birth weight, or newborn child demise. Auxiliary results included untimely break of films (PROM), toxemia, and cesarean segment (C/S), just as the sort/recurrence of mediation for stones in pregnancy. Strategic relapse models, with summed up assessing conditions, were utilized to survey any distinctions in investigation results across gatherings. Our examination exhibited an expanded danger of unfavorable birth results in pregnancies with kidney stones. These outcomes will be significant for guiding pregnant patients with kidney stones and ladies of conceptive age who are in danger of creating stones.

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