Age of onset modifiers are of considerable importance in Alzheimer’s and related dementias. Arboleda-Valesquez et al., reporting on a single PSEN1 subject, suggested that homozygosity for the Christchurch variant of APOE could represent such a modifier.
We studied APOE Christchurch and Kloth-VS genotypes of five dementia age of onset outliers who carried their families’ pathogenic variant, but were asymptomatic at ages beyond the families’ average age of onset.
Four age of onset outliers with PSEN1/2 and MAPT mutations did not carry the Christchurch variant and a fifth individual was also determined to not be homozygous for this variant. Among them, only one subject (APOE ε3/ε3) carries the Klotho-VS heterozygous genotype.
From a small but informative sample of five age of onset outliers we show that neither the APOE Christchurch nor the Klotho-VS variant is a common age of onset modifier for three genetic forms of dementia. Larger studies of this association and further research is required to identify additional genetic modifiers.

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