A 55-year-old woman receiving treatment for anorexia nervosa presented with abdominal pain and right thigh pain. Her body mass index was 12.9 kg/m . Computed tomography showed fluid storage in the distal side of the right obturator foramen and revealed a dilated small bowel without a starting point of obstruction. We diagnosed a naturally reduced incarcerated right obturator hernia and performed elective surgery with a laparoscopic approach for hernia repair the next day. Intraperitoneal observation revealed bilateral obturator hernias and a left direct-type inguinal hernia. Transabdominal preperitoneal hernioplasty was performed using two self-gripping polyester meshes for bilateral obturator hernia repair and a lightweight 3D-shaped mesh for left inguinal hernia repair. Women with emaciation caused by anorexia nervosa may be more likely to have complex hernias, including obturator hernia, and laparoscopic approaches may be useful for preoperatively diagnosed nonstrangulated obturator hernias.
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