Laparoscopy is indicated in many patients with abdominal and pelvic malignancy. If cancer cells are present within the peritoneal space, there is a possibility for port site metastases to develop.
The pathophysiology for occurrence of port site metastases was reviewed. Technical modifications to reduce the incidence of these abdominal wall sites for disease progression were suggested.
Evacuation of all gases and all fluid from the peritoneal space through the trocars prior to their removal will reduce the contamination of the tissue surrounding the port site by intraperitoneal cancer cells. If port sites are confined to the midline, they can be removed as part of a midline abdominal incision if metastases occur. If port site metastases occur through lateral port sites, the rectus abdominus muscle may need to be widely excised to achieve negative margins.
Technical modifications of laparoscopy in patients with peritoneal metastases may reduce incidence of this iatrogenic dissemination of cancer.

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