Accurately segment the tumor region of MRI images is important for brain tumor diagnosis and radiotherapy planning. At present, manual segmentation is wildly adopted in clinical and there is a strong need for an automatic and objective system to alleviate the workload of radiologists.
We propose a parallel multi-scale feature fusing architecture to generate rich feature representation for accurate brain tumor segmentation. It comprises two parts: (1) Feature Extraction Network (FEN) for brain tumor feature extraction at different levels and (2) Multi-scale Feature Fusing Network (MSFFN) for merge all different scale features in a parallel manner. In addition, we use two hybrid loss functions to optimize the proposed network for the class imbalance issue.
We validate our method on BRATS 2015, with 0.86, 0.73 and 0.61 in Dice for the three tumor regions (complete, core and enhancing), and the model parameter size is only 6.3 MB. Without any post-processing operations, our method still outperforms published state-of-the-arts methods on the segmentation results of complete tumor regions and obtains competitive performance in another two regions.
The proposed parallel structure can effectively fuse multi-level features to generate rich feature representation for high-resolution results. Moreover, the hybrid loss functions can alleviate the class imbalance issue and guide the training process. The proposed method can be used in other medical segmentation tasks.

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