The Levita Magnetic Surgical System (LMSS) is another gadget that can give withdrawal utilizing magnets and can decrease the quantity of ports utilized during laparoscopic and mechanical methods. It is U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) endorsed for laparoscopic cholecystectomy, bariatric activity, and automated revolutionary prostatectomy. Our goal was to assess the wellbeing and possibility of the attractive careful framework during renal methodology. We played out an imminent, single-focus, single-arm, open-mark study to survey the security and execution of the LMSS. The framework incorporates a deployable, single-utilized attractive grasper and a reusable outside magnet. Chosen patients going through either laparoscopic or automated renal strategy from April 2019 to August 2019 were incorporated. Mechanical strategies were performed with the da Vinci Xi or single-port (SP) careful stages. Preoperative segment, intraoperative information, and postoperative information were gathered and examined. Ten systems were performed utilizing the LMSS. Cases included Xi mechanical fractional nephrectomy (n = 3), Xi automated revolutionary nephrectomy (n = 2), SP mechanical halfway nephrectomy (n = 2), SP automated pyeloplasty (n = 1), laparoscopic giver nephrectomy (n = 1), and laparoscopic extremist nephrectomy (n = 1). This is the principal report on the utilization of the LMSS for renal methodology. Its utilization for laparoscopic and mechanical renal technique seems protected and plausible. The grasper is particularly helpful for uncovering the renal hilum during analyzation and the ureteropelvic intersection during SP mechanical strategies, mirroring multiport procedures.

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