We aimed to detail language profiles, brain metabolic patterns and proportion of Alzheimer’s disease biomarkers in a cohort of patients with mixed primary progressive aphasia (mPPA). We considered 58 patients with PPA: 10 with non-fluent/agrammatic variant (nfvPPA), 16 with semantic variant (svPPA), 21 with logopenic variant (lvPPA) and 9 with mPPA. Patients with mPPA were further classified as 4 nf/lvPPA (with prevailing features for nfvPPA and lvPPA) and 5 s/lvPPA (with prevailing features for svPPA and lvPPA). Nf/lvPPA patients were characterized by higher proportion of Naming impairment compared to nfvPPA and more frequent Grammatical Errors and Phonologic Errors than lvPPA. S/lvPPA had higher proportion of impairment in Sentences Repetition compared to svPPA and in Single-word Comprehension compared to lvPPA. 100% of nf/lvPPA and 40% of s/lvPPA had Aβ positive biomarkers. Brain hypometabolic pattern in Nf/lvPPA was consistent with lvPPA, while s/lvPPA had a brain metabolism resembling svPPA. We concluded that nf/lvPPA patients might be considered as PPA variant due to Alzheimer’s disease and s/lvPPA group mainly included patients with svPPA.
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