Long noncoding RNA (LncRNA) XIST is one of the genes that exists in different types of cancers. Earlier researches showed that XIST can advance the progression of colorectal cancer. Nevertheless, the potential molecular mechanism of XIST in combination with miR-93-5p has not been explored in colorectal cancer.
We performed qRT-PCR to explore the level of XIST. And a serious experiments in vitro and in vivo were performed to explore the function of XIST. The relationship between XIST/HIF-1A and miR-93-5p was confirmed by RIP and dual-luciferase assays.
In the present research, our team demonstrated the upregulation of XIST expression, which was related to tumor progression, and the downregulation of miR-93-5p in cells and tissues of colorectal cancer. XIST is the competitive endogenous RNA of miR-93-5p to promote HIF-1A, and then the upregulated AXL level facilitates the EMT process, migration, and proliferation of colorectal cancer. At last, we proved that XIST enhanced the in vivo and in vitro activities of colorectal cancer by regulating AXL signaling.
In summary, the above results indicate that XIST promotes colorectal cancer tumorigenesis by regulating miR-93-5p/HIF-1A/AXL signaling pathway, which will supply a novel perspective to diagnose and treat colorectal cancer disease.

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