Local allergic rhinitis (LAR) is a novel kind of allergic rhinitis that is gaining popularity. The potential of a work-related counterpart has not yet been investigated. The goal of this review is to synthesize the most recent scientific information on LAR and occupational rhinitis. LAR is a common condition that differs from allergic rhinitis in that it affects people of various ages, ethnicities, and nations. Occupational rhinitis manifests earlier and more frequently than occupational asthma, particularly with high molecular weight chemicals. The nasal allergen provocation test and/or measurement of nasal specific IgE are used to diagnose LAR, and additional techniques such as the basophil activation test may be used to supplement the diagnosis. For the diagnosis of occupational rhinitis induced by low molecular weight substances, skin prick testing and immunological findings are restricted. It is strongly advised to do a nasal allergen provocation test to confirm the diagnosis of occupational rhinitis.

In employees with a documented history of occupational rhinitis and a negative immunological test, the potential of local occupational rhinitis should be addressed, especially in the case of high molecular weight allergens.