The following is a summary of “Reduction in surgical site infections by localized administration with D-PLEX100 in patients with multiple risk factors undergoing colorectal surgery,” published in the MARCH 2023 issue of Surgery by Senagore, et al.

For a study, researchers evaluated the safety and effectiveness of a novel drug-eluting lipid polymer matrix called D-PLEX100, which releases a high, localized concentration of doxycycline for approximately 30 days, in preventing superficial and deep surgical site infections (SSIs) in patients with ≥2 risk factors.

A post-hoc analysis was conducted on data from a previously reported prospective randomized trial, which compared D-PLEX100 plus Standard of Care (SOC) with SOC alone in colorectal surgery. The analysis assessed the incidence of SSIs in patients with ≥2 risk factors.

In general, there were significantly fewer cases of SSI in the D-PLEX100 arm (9.9%) compared to SOC (21%), P = 0.033. Individuals treated with D-PLEX100 and having less than two risk factors had SSI incidence rates of 15.8% and 37.5%, respectively.

D-PLEX100 is an effective and safe approach for preventing SSIs beyond the benefits of SOC treatment alone, including in patients with two or more risk factors. It may be a promising addition to established SSI prophylaxis bundles.