The aim of this study is to report long term outcomes of kidney transplantation by using the kidney graft after a small tumor ex vivo excision.
A structured program was established to use the restored kidney graft from urological referral after radical nephrectomy. The criteria were defined as tumor size ≤ 3 cm, margin clear on frozen section and recipients aged ≥ 60 years or those on the urgent list for transplantation as a result of imminent lack of dialysis access. The recipients were followed up regularly for surveillance of tumor recurrence.
Between February 2007 and February 2018, 28 recipients had kidney transplantation by using the restored kidney grafts. The tumor size was 2.6 ± 0.7 cm. The follow up was median 7 years without evidence of tumor recurrence. The patient and graft survival was satisfactory.
Kidney transplantation by using restored kidneys after a small tumor excision is a novel source for selected recipients. The long-term patient and graft survival is satisfactory. Although, there is a risk of tumor recurrence but it is rare event. Together with literature review, we would support use of kidney graft after a small tumor excision for selected recipients.

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