This study explains the complete review about The Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education has embraced a competency based methodology for residency training.1 For urology a basic part of competency based preparing is capability in performing urological systems. To accomplish accreditation status urology residency programs should exhibit a reliable capacity to bear the cost of powerful employable encounters to graduating occupants. A few target measurements are utilized to survey employable preparing during urology residency preparing however not many are more basic than occupant case logs. Set up case essentials pursue characterizing ACGME center capabilities like patient care,2 albeit last appraisal of competency is left to the caution of the residency program chief.

Required least case volumes give 1 benchmark to characterize satisfactory openness to key urological methodology experienced during autonomous clinical practice.3 Recent investigations recommend that moves on from U.S. careful residency programs regularly feel insufficient for autonomous clinical practice following residency.4 Thus, in the current medical care environment an absence of powerful usable preparing during residency may introduce a vexing issue for careful teachers, occupants and patients.

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