Some patients suffer from severe low back pain with mild symptoms in the legs due to lumbar spinal stenosis. This study is to evaluate the effects of decompression surgery on lumbar spinal stenosis. The researchers have taken data of 818 patients who have undergone decompression surgery treatment between 2011 and 2019. Among them, only eight patients had severe low back pain and mild leg pain. The researchers investigated all the aspects like patients’ age, sex, clinical characteristics, preoperative leg symptoms, and level of Lumbar spinal stenosis. They also obtained the detailed LBP characteristics, such as the disease duration, location of LBP, and exacerbating factors.

The patients’ average age was 71.5 years, and the age range was between 57 years and 82 years. They found acute low back pain in six patients during walking and an extension posture in three patients. The researcher also found LSS on 15 patients at different levels. A low proportion of patients showed walking-evoked severe Low Back Pain with mild leg symptoms due to lumbar spinal stenosis. The patients’ pain was improved by decompression surgery with satisfactory results. Hence, there is a success rate for those cases. However, the doctors need to study more regarding this matter.