Study the effect of low-dose aspirin on the endometrial receptivity in endometriosis rat models.
This study is to explore the expressions of progesterone receptor and LIF among three groups of endometriosis rat models: control group ( = 12), EMs group ( = 15), and aspirin group ( = 17). The expressions of progesterone receptor (PR), PRA, PRB, and leukemia inhibitory factor receptor (LIFR) in eutopic endometrium were determined using immunohistochemistry technology, western blot, and qRT-PCR. The levels of LIF in eutopic endometrium and serum were detected by western blot, qRT-PCR, and ELISA.
The expressions of PR, PRA, and PRB protein were significantly increased in the eutopic endometrium after low-dose aspirin treatment, and the level of PRB mRNA was also increased while the ratio of PRA/PRB mRNA was decreased in the eutopic endometrium. The levels of LIF in eutopic endometrium and serum were increased compared with the untreated endometriosis rats. However, the expression of LIFR was not statistically different among the three groups.
The results suggest that the low-dose aspirin treatment could downregulate progesterone resistance and increase the expression of LIF of endometriosis rats during the implantation window, which could improve endometrial receptivity and enhance the pregnant rate of endometriosis. It may provide a potential treatment method for endometriosis-related infertility.