The topic of lower urinary tract symptoms (LUTS) in young males was examined by the researchers for a study. A multitude of diseases that induce LUTS are likely to afflict young men (aged 39 or younger). LUTS was reported by almost half of all young males. In young males, “irritative” or “storage” voiding symptoms were rough twice as prevalent as “obstructive” symptoms. The most prevalent causes of LUTS in the age range were infectious or inflammatory reasons such as prostatitis, with other etiologies including urethral strictures, primary bladder neck blockage, and neurogenic, as well as non-neurogenic bladder dysfunction. A comprehensive clinical assessment was essential for obtaining the proper diagnosis and directing the best treatment strategy. 

Lower urinary tract issues most commonly affected young men at an alarmingly high incidence. Behavioral therapy, medicines, and/or surgical procedures were all examples of clinical therapies. In the understudied population, ambulatory urodynamics and wearable sensors were likely to give a more accurate and real-world diagnostic evaluation of bladder dysfunction. In order to assess the illness load and effect in the specific group of individuals, more research was needed to be carried out.