The main purpose of the study is to describe and compare the effects of opioid usage on the lumbar surgery outcomes among the patients who are taking opioids and not taking opioids. The opioid is generally used among patients who underwent lumbar spine surgery. The effects of opioids on the patients can be assessed from the lumbar surgery outcomes. The study needed the number of users and nonusers 2:1 ratio. Hence 154 patients with opioid nonusers and 77 users are being taken for this research. All of them have undergone different kinds of surveys related to different clinical things for the study.

The result of this survey has become astonishingly equal. The service course of both the opioid users and nonusers are the same. However you might think then the numbers are not exactly the same, this is because some of the 77 opioid users use it in a very low amount. Therefore studying these all kisses the research has come to the conclusion that the expectations of the patients of lumbar surgery are completely associated with diversified demographic and clinical variables. A smaller dose and shorter span of opioid was completely associated with expecting more off items and complete improvement compared to the non-users. In addition to that, patients with lower of your uses had greater expectations compared with the higher users.