Ovarian cancer (OV) is one of the most lethal gynecological malignance in females, and usually diagnosed at advanced stages. Long noncoding RNAs (lncRNAs) exhibit their crucial functions in modulatory mechanisms of cancers. Substantive studies have proven the anti-tumor role of MAGI2-AS3 in multiple cancers, but the physiological functions of MAGI2-AS3 in OV need more detailed explanations. The current study corroborated that overexpression of MAGI2-AS3 executed inhibitory activity in OV via hindering cell proliferation, cell cycle, migration as well as invasion while promoted apoptosis. Moreover MAGI2-AS3 bound with miR-525-5p and negatively regulated the expression of miR-525-5p. Further studies testified that MXD1 was a downstream target of miR-525-5p and the competing relationship between MAGI2-AS3 and MXD1 were confirmed by RNA pull down. Based on the combination between MAX and MYC, we analyzed the effects of MAGI2-AS3 on MXD1 and MYC, unveiling the competing relationship between MXD1 and MYC for binding to MAX. Finally, we constructed rescue assays to certify that MAGI2-AS3 suppressed the course of OV via enhancing MXD1 expression. In summary, MAGI2-AS3 repressed the progression of OV by targeting miR-525-5p/MXD1 axis, offering a novel insight into understanding OV at the molecular level.
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