Inside the principal long stretches of the flare-up, Urological Departments logically halted the outpatient visits for kindhearted sicknesses, restricting the admittance to the clinic only forever compromising conditions, crisis medical procedure, and oncological illnesses [3]. Male LUTS because of Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH) were considered as a non-dire deferrable condition; consequently, outpatient visits were delayed or dropped, regardless of whether the irksome urinary side effects had exceptional effect on personal satisfaction and patient’s ability to agree to the impediments forced by the lockdown. Subsequently, this has prompted the improvement of new procedures with telemedicine to show up as a realistic way to deal with screen clinically important cases and give sufficient treatment and development . All in all, urologists ought to subsequent patients with urologic kindhearted illnesses, incorporating those with LUTS because of BPH regardless of the outpatient facilities lockdown during a pandemic. The App introduced in this investigation is a helpful answer for evade virus for the two patients and doctors. Further multicenter contemplates are in advancement, to assess the agreeableness and utilization of this App for men with LUTS because of BPH, outside a pandemic lockdown.

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