Atypical penile tunical lesions including isolated septal (ISS) and punctate scarring (PS) are an under recognized and difficult to treat subset of Peyronie’s disease (PD) that often present with normal physical exams. Current guidelines provide little direction in the treatment of these men.
To review the results of our treatment approach in men with ISS and PS.
Data from all men undergoing duplex ultrasonography for either Peyronie’s disease and/or erectile dysfunction over a 3-year period were reviewed. All men with ISS or PS and normal physical exams were included. First- and second-line treatment preferences and satisfaction with treatment in men with ISS and PS were retrospectively reviewed. Logistic regression was used to investigate associations between scar features and treatment preference MAIN OUTCOME MEASURES: Treatment preference patterns, treatment satisfaction.
A total of 217 men with ISS and 197 men with PS were identified. Of these, 71 ISS and 86 PS patients had normal physical exams. Majority of men in both ISS (70.4%) and PS (81.4%) cohorts initially opted for non-invasive management through either observation, oral therapy, or traction therapy. After initial management 84.5% of ISS and 93% of PS patients were satisfied with their results. A significant trend toward inflatable prostheses as second line therapy was seen in men with PS.
There is a mounting need for clinical guidance in order to best manage men with atypical PD in the absence of societal guidelines and high-quality studies. This series provides guidance to clinicians on the management of these men, suggesting that conservative therapy and education may be sufficient. A standardized approach of increasing invasiveness showed reasonable rates of satisfaction with minimally invasive therapies playing a prominent role. Stern N, Punjani N, Brock G, Management of Patients With Normal Physical Exams and Ultrasound Evidence of Isolated Septal and Punctate Penile Scarring. Sex Med 2021;9:100346.

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