The recent times of COVID-19 have been in the position to take a toll on the lives of maximum people in this world. This is because of the reason that this virus has made the entire mankind realize that despite so many developments that have been registered by the world at large. Therefore, in order to unite against this deadly virus, the people have to distance themselves in the maximum possible manner. This is applicable to every nook and corner of this world. This is applicable to every relation which exists in this world. There have been various studies conducted by the International Organizations so far. These studies have been able to predict that the elderly population and the children below the age of 10 years are the most vulnerable category to this scenario. Therefore, what matters, in the end, to ensure that these sections of the population are kept aloof in the best possible manner. Therefore, at the end, the children who are newbies have to distance from the concept of breastfeeding as well because it may directly invite diseases for the kids to wear. Therefore, in the end, nearly 40 million germs are transferred to the kids. Therefore, they must either be fed by the nipples or maybe some other device that is available.

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