The people these days are becoming much more aware with respect to the questions of their sanitation, their hygiene, and their cleanliness. Therefore, the most important consideration for them these days is to protect themselves from the attack and infection of coronavirus. Therefore, what matters most to them is to keep themselves and their families safe. For this, they rely on devices like N-95 masks. These masks are typically more superior in quality as compared to the regular masks which are easily available in the marketplace at a very reasonable price. These are helpful in fighting against all the respiratory viruses which are suspended in the environment. They even prevent the contamination of the air to be inhaled by the people. These viruses are very effective in fighting the diseases like influenza and Ebola. However, there is no proof uptil now that these types of masks are equally helpful in fighting the novel COVID-19. However, people are relying on this mask with an optimism that these masks will be helpful in protecting them against every kind of infection. Therefore, communities must ensure that there is widespread awareness about the use of the right kind of masks for better protection.