We investigated the associations between maternal diet quality and allergic and respiratory diseases in children. Analyses were based on 1316 mother-child pairs from the EDEN mother-child cohort. Maternal diet quality during pregnancy was assessed through a food-based score (the Diet Quality), a nutrient-based score (the PANDiet), and the adherence to guidelines for main food groups. Clusters of allergic and respiratory multimorbidity clusters up to 8 years were identified using Latent Class Analysis. Associations were assessed by adjusted multinomial logistic regressions. Four clusters were identified for children: “asymptomatic” (67%, reference group), “asthma only” (14%), “allergies without asthma” (12%), “multi-allergic” (7%). These clusters were not associated with mother diet quality assessed by both scores. Children from mothers consuming legumes once a month or less were at higher risk of belonging to the “multi-allergic” cluster (odds ratio (OR) (95% confidence interval (95%CI)) = 1.60 (1.01;2.54)). No association was found with other food groups or other clusters. In our study, allergic and respiratory multimorbidity in children was described with four distinct clusters. Our results suggest an interest in legumes consumption in the prevention of allergic diseases but need to be confirmed in larger cohorts and randomized control trials.