The following is the summary of “Patient-reported outcome measurement in heart failure clinic trial: Rationale and methods of the PRO-HF trial” published in the January 2023 issue of Heart by Kalwani, et al.

Patient-reported health status among those with heart failure (HF) gives information beyond conventional professional assessment. Patient-reported health status should be collected as part of routine care, as recommended by HF management recommendations; however, there is limited information on the efficacy of this intervention. To test the hypothesis that routine health status assessment via the Kansas City Cardiomyopathy Questionnaire-12 (KCCQ-12) leads to improved patient-reported health status among patients treated in a tertiary health system HF clinic, the Patient-Reported Outcomes in Heart Failure Clinic (PRO-HF) trial was conducted. 

Over the course of PRO-HF, 1,248 people were randomly assigned to receive either routine KCCQ-12 assessment or normal care. Patients in the KCCQ-12 group take the questionnaire before each HF clinic appointment and discuss the results with their doctor. The KCCQ-12 and its potential interpretation and use were presented to clinicians. The key outcome measure is the KCCQ-12 score after one year. Secondary outcomes include health care utilization, including doctor’s visits, lab tests, hospitalizations, emergency room visits, and HF treatment patterns. PRO-HF will also explore how routine KCCQ-12 assessment influences patient experience and the reliability of clinician-assessed health status as a substudy. 

Clinicians also participated in semi-structured interviews designed to collect their thoughts on the trial’s regular KCCQ-12 evaluation. The purpose of the PRO-HF trial, a pragmatic, randomized trial conducted in a real-world HF clinic, is to assess the feasibility of routinely assessing patients’ self-reported health status and the effect of this intervention on patients’ health, the quality of care they receive, their patient experience, and the accuracy with which clinicians evaluate their health.