To explore compounds, targets and mechanism of (YG) pill in treating osteoporosis based on systemic pharmacology of traditional Chinese medicine.
The known effective Chinese herbal compound of YG pill was searched from traditional Chinese medicine integrated database(TCMID). Bioinformatics analysis tool for molecular mechanism of traditional Chinese medicine (BATMAN-TCM) was used to predict target of components;DisGeNET and artificial literature reading were used to obtain targets of osteoporosis and bone remodeling;Cytoscape 3.7.1 software and its plug-ins BiN-GO and ClueGO were used to enrich the GO annotation and pathwaysof the related targets, and validation of the predicted target of YG pill were validated by 87 differentially expressed proteins in postmenopausal osteoporosis and postmenopausal osteoporosis disease models in postmenopausal patients with normal bone mass from the previous serum proteomics data.
Totally 392 compounds were retrieved from YG pill, including 83 sovereign drugs (monkshood, cinnamon, deerhorn gelatin), 127 ministerial drugs (prepared rehmannia root, dogwood, wolfberry fruit and Chinese yam) and 182 supplementary drugs (cuscuta chinensis, eucommia ulmoides and Chinese angelica). Among them, there were 4 same compounds between sovereign drug and ministerial drug, 1 same compound between sovereign drug and supplementary drug, and 14 same compounds between ministerial drug and supplementary drug. Totally 2 112 trusted targets were identified, included 775 sovereign drugs, 1 483 ministerial drugs and 1 491 supplementary drugs;227 targets were selected from YG pill for treating osteoporosis, which participate in nearly 20 process of metabolic process, cell differentiation and biology, and data mining revealed that the process involved bone remodeling and bone mineralization. Acting site of cell mainly inclded 9 kinds of cell which had 13 molecular function. Results of KEGG metabolic pathway enrichment analysis showed 137 signal passages were obviously enriched. Among them, classical osteoclast differentiation signal passages and relative estrogen regulates signaling pathways of menopause were widely distributed in 27 signal passages. Sixtargets were screened by target validation, such as AGT, FGA, APOE, DKK3, P4HB and RAB7A.
The characteristics of multi-targets and multi-pathways of YG pill for the treatment of osteoporosis were clarified, which provided a clear direction for the in-depth research. The pharmacodynamic components of YG pill include 36 compounds, and their main action targets include FGA, AGT, APOE, DKK3, P4HB and RAB7A.