Ideally, the time durations of 8 minutes and 46 seconds, is considered too minimal. However, it is an interesting fact to realize that this time frame is enough to ensure that the endangered lives are saved with the required and the much needed medical interventions. There are many activities that can be carried out in this manner. These activities include the ones such as checking the pulse, compressing the chest, and ensuring the rescue of the person whose life is in danger. Similarly, there can be a provision to put an intravenous line into the shin bone with the help of a drill. This would play an imperative role in administering 1 mg of epinephrine for restarting the heart. This process if counted on a stopwatch is likely to take 8 minutes and 46 seconds again. Therefore, these are the few examples of the medical interventions which play a vital role in provisioning the much needed immediate healthcare which is required in the heat of the moment. These life saving hacks are not only time saving but at the same point of time ensure that the given quantum of  8 minutes and 46 seconds, is utilized in the best possible manner.