To identify patient-reported outcome measures (PROMs) that had been used in studies of youth with skin disease to screen and assess mental health symptoms. To identify PROMs that screened or assessed for mental health symptoms in youth with skin disease, a systematic literature search was conducted in PubMed and PsycINFO using search terms for pediatric populations, dermatology, screening, and assessment tools, and psychological and psychiatric conditions. PROMs validated in this population were evaluated for quality and evidence base using the COSMIN risk of bias tool. In studies of youth with skin disease, 111 PROMs that assess mental health symptoms were identified. These included generic mental health scales that had been rigorously validated across multiple populations. The “Skin Picking Scale-Revised,” or PROM, was already validated in children with skin disease. As a result of the poor evidence quality for content validity, this could not be recommended. It was critical to identify mental health problems early and treat them proactively in order to improve outcomes in youth with skin disease. This review highlights the current lack of consensus on the best way to evaluate our patients. Existing generic mental health methods and PROMS were also likely to be sufficient. More research should be conducted to determine the utility, feasibility, and acceptability of existing generic, validated mental health screening tools in youth with skin disease.