Melanoma is a malignant skin neoplasm with a high metastatic potential. Several reports have shown that metastatic melanoma has a predilection to metastasize to the GI tract; however, diagnosing metastatic melanoma as a cause of intussusception has been reported in only few cases with variable presentations.
We present the case of a 48-year-old woman with a long history of metastatic melanoma who presented with recurrent enteric intussusception due to a melanoma lesion acting as a pathologic lead point despite immunotherapy treatment. We contribute the management plan, diagnostic modalities, and surgical approach of this rare form of adult intussusception in guidance of future management plans.
The variability in presentation of adult intussusception makes diagnosis difficult and the lack of consensus on management and surgical strategies poses challenging hurdles. A diagnostic laparoscopy followed by reduction and resection of the intussuscepted lesion in a small surgical field is an effective and beneficial palliative procedure with favorable outcomes. Our patient developed intussusception despite receiving a trial of dual immunotherapy after chemotherapy.
It may be insufficient to control disease even with dual immunotherapy after chemotherapy. Further studies are needed to determine the optimal surgical and oncological management in treating gastrointestinal metastasis of malignant melanoma.

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