The Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) is responsible for accrediting all recognized residency programs. This accreditation system is built on a foundation of common and program-specific standards that all ACGME-accredited training programs must meet. The fundamental aspects of the Competencies and Milestones are included in the program requirements. Researchers intended to give the reader an overview of the present Milestones as well as a glimpse into the future with a review.

Residents’ education milestones were adopted around 7 years ago. For each sub-specialty, the milestones were designed to produce a reasonable trajectory of professional advancement that could be assessed and recorded. Many specialties, however, showed significant variation in both content and growth progression. The ACGME has been examining the Milestones in order to ensure that they are consistent across specialties.

Since their introduction, a lot has been learned about the milestones. Instructors must create a reliable and repeatable mechanism for all students to utilize. Milestones 2.0, the future of resident education, will provide the basis for a more user-friendly system that will allow for the effective evaluation of trainees.