There have been various studies that have been conducted so far in order to understand that the SGLT2 inhibitors are known for lowering the blood glucose and hence, are known for having a beneficial effect on the chronic kidney disease in addition to the increasing incidence of the heart failures which have practically increased in the past couple of years by over 5-9 percent. It is really essential to protect the kidney by using SGLT2 inhibitors which are mediated by a variety of mechanisms beyond the direct effect on glycemic control. There are increasing instances of glomerular hyperfiltration and the improvement of oxidative stress. In addition, there have been studies conducted like EMPEROR and DAPA which have shown the beneficial impacts and the results of SGLT2. Hence, this whole cycle is working towards enhancing kidney failures by nearly 4-5 percent and at the same time if they are monitored they are capable of decreasing the risks to kidney by an average of 8-9 percent. Hence, an attempt must be made to care for the patients in the best possible manner.

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