Jackeline Vieira de Souza (R), 28, mother of Daniel Vieira stands by as Daniel, who is two years old, and was born with microcephaly, reacts to stimulus during an evaluation session with a physiotherapist at the Association of Parents and Friends of the Exceptional (APAE) in Recife, Brazil, August 7, 2018. A few years ago Jackeline fought to overcome a very rare complication from an earlier pregnancy, and then survived cancer. “My dream was to be a mother again,” she says. In 2015, she got her wish. But during her pregnancy, she learned that her son had microcephaly. “When he was born, I fell in love with him because I knew he would be a good thing in my life, even with the difficulties I would have to face.” Daniel’s father separated from Jackeline shortly after learning that his son had microcephaly. He pays a small amount of family support every month, in addition to a monthly check that Jackeline gets from the government. REUTERS/Ueslei Marcelino