Daniel Vieira, who is two years old, and was born with microcephaly, sleeps at his home in Olinda, Brazil, August 7, 2018. During her pregnancy, Daniel’s mother Jackeline Vieira de Souza learned that her son had microcephaly. “When he was born, I fell in love with him because I knew he would be a good thing in my life, even with the difficulties I would have to face.” Daniel’s father separated from Jackeline shortly after learning that his son had microcephaly. He pays a small amount of family support every month, in addition to a monthly check that Jackeline gets from the government. It takes several hours to travel by bus between their home in Olinda and Recife, where Daniel goes for treatments. Lately, those trips are somewhat less frequent, and Jackeline believes Daniel’s health is more stable. She has no illusions that her son will ever walk, eat on his own or live a normal life. Yet in many ways she is grateful for her “miracle” baby, who she says makes her feel “happy and more accomplished.” REUTERS/Ueslei Marcelino