This year, MSVirtual2020 (ACTRIMS/ECTRIMS) congress will feature new data relating to tolebrutinib (SAR442168), an investigational oral, brain-penetrant, selective small molecule inhibitor of Bruton’s tyrosine kinase (BTK).   The poster, and a platform presentation, extend previous findings on the role of BTK in microglia and the potential of brain-penetrant BTK inhibitors to block microglia-driven neuroinflammation implicated in MS disease progression.  Tolebrutinib is the proposed international nonproprietary name for SAR442168.

In addition, several posters and platform presentations highlight studies evaluating safety, efficacy and investigational uses of approved therapies teriflunomide and alemtuzumab reinforcing the consistent, positive clinical profiles of these two treatment options.

For more information, visit MSVirtual 2020.