To evaluate the initial use of label-free second harmonic generation (SHG) imaging with two-photon excitation (2PE) auto-fluorescence in multi-photon microscopy (MPM) for the quantification of collagen/fibrosis on pre-implantation biopsies of extended criteria donors (ECD).
20 pre-implantation core biopsies were extracted from 10 donor kidney samples, of which originated from 7 donors. Kidney Donor Profile Index (KDPI) and Remuzzi scores of biopsies were calculated. Collagen parameters measured included quantification by the Collagen Area Ratio in Total Tissue (CART) and qualitative measurements by Collagen Reticulation Index (CRI).
Biopsies classified with > 85% KDPI scores had significantly higher CART (p = 0.011) and lower CRI values (p = 0.025) than biopsies with ≤ 85% KDPI scores. Increase in CRI values correlated significantly with rise in recipient creatinine levels 1-year post-transplant (p = 0.027; 95% CI: 4.635-66.797).
MPM is an evolving technology that enables the quantification of the amount (CART) and quality (CRI) of collagen deposition in unstained pre-implantation biopsies of donor kidneys stratified by KDPI scores. This initial evaluation found significant differences in both parameters between donor kidneys with more or less than 85% KDPI. This article is protected by copyright. All rights reserved.

This article is protected by copyright. All rights reserved.