Coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19) has been associated with endothelial dysfunction. This hypercoagulable state coming from the endothelial injury pones COVID-19 patients to a higher risk for thrombosis. COVID 19 diabetic patients are more exposed to peripheral vascular disease progression. Multilevel peripheral arterial disease is the main cause of critical limb ischemia. Vascular interventions are required to increase distal blood flow and reduce the risk of amputation.
We report a case of complex revascularization in a diabetic patient with aggressive right foot lesions evolution after COVID-19 infection. The patient presenting a Peripheral arterial ischemic involving the infrarenal aorta, iliac, femoral. The simultaneous intervention consisted of an endovascular aortic stent-graft placement and angioplasty of femoral artery.
Diabetes is a risk factor of severity and deaths in patients infected with pulmonary viruses. In our experience, COVID 19 virus can accelerate the ulcers generation and progression in diabetic patient. Hybrid interventions can be performed simultaneously or staged with benefit given by the complementary role of endovascular and surgical treatments. In the reported case, a complex simultaneous treatment in a patient presenting Multilevel peripheral arterial disease in association to COVID 19 infection was feasible in the same operation.
Hybrid procedures are safe with high degree of efficacy in terms of revascularization, reduced morbidity and shorter intensive care. In our experience, the use of a hybrid procedure is technically feasible and allowed the treatment of complicated diabetic COVID-19 patient with a good outcome.

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