Colon cancer is a common human cancer worldwide. The survival rate of late staged or metastatic colon cancer patients remains low even though the effectiveness of treatment in colon cancer has greatly improved. Research on tumorigenesis mechanisms and discovery of novel molecular target for treating colon cancer is critical. The promotion roles of WHSC1 in multiple myeloma have been demonstrated previously, yet, the regulation of WHSC1 in other cancers is largely unknown, especially in colon cancer. Here, in this study, we analyzed and identified WHSC1 while studying the genetic regulations of HMGA2 in colon cancer cells by microarray analysis, and investigated the HMGA2-WHSC1 interaction. We then applied CRISPR technology to establish stable WHSC1 knockout cells, to address the functional regulation of WHSC1 in colon cancer. In summary, our results for the first time identified the HMGA2-WHSC1 interaction in colon cancer. Moreover, we discovered that WHSC1 promotes cancer proliferation, facilitates resistance of chemotherapy agent, and promotes metastatic capacity of colon cancer.
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