Ultrasonography is an imaging technique that is used for evaluation of soft tissues based-on utilization of sound waves. Sound waves has been used for a long time in non-medical field including military defense systems, radar systems and detection of icebergs. In association with the technological advances inventions in medical imaging has been achieved and new techniques including magnetic resonance imaging, ultrasonography, computed tomography became available. Nowadays, imaging techniques has become as a gold standard protocol in diagnose of many diseases. Recently developed diagnose and therapy options provides more efficient treatment of rheumatic diseases. Thus, it became possible to prevent structural damages and disabilities. Musculoskeletal ultrasonography is becoming a preferred choice of imaging technique for rheumatic diseases, with many advantages. Among its advantages includes being cheap, radiation-free, dynamic image capacity, and capacity of detection of disease activity, early diagnosis and early detection of structural damages. This review summarizes use of ultrasonography in rheumatic diseases.