The main aim of this study is To evaluate the sexual capacity of young ladies with spina bifida and myelomeningocele and to decide the elements impacting their sexual capacity.

A postal cross-sectional examination utilizing a self-managed poll was acted in 44 ladies, mean age 27.66 ± 5.89 years, with spina bifida and myelomeningocele. The survey incorporated the Brief Index of Sexual Functioning for Women and inquiries regarding voiding mode, urinary manifestations, financial status, training level, way of life, and association. In equal, information were likewise gathered from the pediatric medical procedure records of patients who returned the poll.

The reaction rate was 56.8% (25/44). All spaces of female sexual capacity (musings/wants, excitement, recurrence of sexual action, receptivity/commencement, joy/climax, relationship fulfillment) were adjusted. Urinary incontinence was probably going to be the principle factor liable for adjusted sexual capacity and was related with lower considerations/wants, excitement, and receptivity/inception scores. Wearing cushions additionally established a constraint to accomplishing closeness. Youthful myelomeningocele ladies report poor sexual working. The presence of urinary incontinence is related with lower musings/want, excitement, and receptivity/inception.

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