There are numerous investigated factors that limit brain cancer treatment efficacy such as ability of prescribed therapy to cross the blood-brain barrier (BBB), tumor specific delivery of a therapeutics, transport within brain interstitium, and resistance of tumor cells against therapies. Recent breakthroughs in the field of nano-biotechnology associated with developing multifunctional nano-theranostic emerged as an effective way to manage brain cancer in terms of higher efficacy and least possible adverse effects. Keeping challenges and state-of-art accomplishments into consideration, this review proposes a comprehensive, careful, and critical discussion focused on efficient nano-enabled platforms including nanocarriers for drug delivery across the BBB and nano-assisted therapies (e.g., nano-immunotherapy, nano-stem cell therapy, and nano-gene therapy) investigated for brain cancer treatment. Besides therapeutic efficacy point-of-view, efforts are being made to explore ways projected to tune such developed nano-therapeutic for treating patients in personalized manner via controlling size, drug loading, delivery, and retention. Personalized brain tumor management based on advanced nano-therapies can potentially lead to excellent therapeutic benefits based on unique genetic signatures in patients and their individual disease profile. Moreover, applicability of nano-systems as stimulants to manage the brain cancer growth factors has also been discussed in photodynamic therapy and radiotherapy. Overall, this review offers a comprehensive information on emerging opportunities in nanotechnology for advancing the brain cancer treatment.
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