Endometriosis is a painful disorder where endometrium-like tissue forms lesions outside of the uterine cavity. Intraoperative identification and removal of these lesions are difficult. This study presents a nanoplatform that concurrently delineates and ablates endometriosis tissues using real-time near-infrared (NIR) fluorescence and photothermal therapy (PTT). The nanoplatform consists of a dye, silicon naphthalocyanine (SiNc), capable of both NIR fluorescence imaging and PTT, and a polymeric nanoparticle as a SiNc carrier to endometriosis tissue following systemic administration. To achieve high contrast during fluorescence imaging of endometriotic lesions, nanoparticles are constructed to be non-fluorescent prior to internalization by endometriosis cells. In vitro studies confirm that these nanoparticles activate the fluorescence signal following internalization in macaque endometrial stromal cells and ablate them by increasing cellular temperature to 53 C upon interaction with NIR light. To demonstrate in vivo efficiency of the nanoparticles, biopsies of endometrium and endometriosis from rhesus macaques are transplanted into immunodeficient mice. Imaging with the intraoperative Fluobeam 800 system reveals that 24 h following intravenous injection, nanoparticles efficiently accumulate in, and demarcate, endometriotic grafts with fluorescence. Finally, the nanoparticles increase the temperature of endometriotic grafts up to 47 °C upon exposure to NIR light, completely eradicating them after a single treatment.
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