The concept of the membrane is very interesting. The membranous lupus nephritis is a frequent cause of nephrotic is a frequent cause of causing nephrotic syndrome in the patients altogether. It has been shown in the phospholipase A2 receptor that there is an element of the positive membraneous nephropathy. These antibodies play a vital role in providing for the best possible care to the people in the best possible manner. Therefore, in order to cure these repeated outcomes, the most important step that should be taken at this point in time is to assure that NCAM 1 is given in the required amounts of 52 mg/ per day. Such dosages are likely to play an important in role in acting as an antibody and saving the person from any kind of side effect of the treatment which may follow. Therefore, there have been studies conducted for ensuring that the anti-NCAM antibody is developed and enhanced further. Hence there have been instances wherein these results have been reported. Therefore, an attempt should be measured to cure them in the best possible manner. Therefore, this can be made evident using the different sorts of mechanisms in question.

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