The outbreak of coronavirus has affected millions of people worldwide. This has socially distanced the people to such an extent that the people are fearful of being near to each other/ this outbreak has enabled mankind to shift itself to other modes and mediums of communicating with each other. These modes and mediums include switching to an electronic interface with the help of audio and video calls.  Therefore, every segment fo the day-to-day life which was early carried on with the help of physical contact is now being carried with the help of cloud connections. The clinics have also gone online. Usually, in order to prevent any contact of the existing patients with the germs and toxins of the hospitals, they are advised to stay home and be in touch with the doctor online. Therefore, many research studies are being conducted to ascertain how effective this method if for treating those patients who have already been suffering from deadly diseases like cancer. Therefore, the research concludes that those people are no matter being treated in the best possible manner, but during such intervals, but is essential is to ensure that the person concerned is able to give the best shot so that he or she is having personal care and attention fo the person. Therefore, the doctors are helpless too. But the attempt must be made to make the experience for them as easy as possible.

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