Heart failure (HF) can be considered a disease of older people. It is a leading cause of hospitalisation and is associated with high rates of morbidity and mortality in the over-65s. In 2012, an editorial in this journal detailed the latest HF research and guidelines, calling for greater integration of geriatricians in HF care. This current article reflects upon what has been achieved in this field in recent years, highlighting some future challenges and promising areas. It is written from the perspective of one such integrated team and explores the new role of cardiogeriatrician, working in a multidisciplinary team to deliver and improve care to increasingly complex, older, frail patients with multiple comorbidities who present with primary cardiology problems, especially decompensated HF. Geriatric liaison has improved the care of frail patients in orthopaedics, cancer services, stroke, acute medicine and numerous community settings. We propose that this vital role should now be extended to cardiology teams in general and to HF in particular.
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