Objective Medical Systems (OMS) has announced the launch of a new cloud platform, OMS C3®, to provide physicians the ability to remotely monitor patients with chronic medical conditions.

OMS C3 combines technology, clinical workflow, and analytics that yield more patient interaction between office visits. Three key features of the OMS C3 platform which sets itself unique are:

  1. Platform aggregates patient data across electronic health records, cardiovascular diagnostic reporting modalities, labs and FDA approved remote surveillance devices namely weighing scale, glucometer, heart rate monitors, blood pressure cuffs and pulse oximeter.
  2. Cardiology practice specific user interface design which presents data relevant to the diseases being managed, ensuring minimal cognitive load.
  3. Incorporates various communication modalities like secure chat, secure video, text, and voice over internet phone, right from within the patient information dashboard.

The combination of these three design elements delivers a platform which is easy to use and ensures that every chronic care visit being delivered is complete, effective and efficient. Further, the solution provides a win-win proposition for the patients, hospitals, and providers.

Patients receive a customized and highly personal care experience, clinics and hospitals are able to address problems proactively and reduce readmissions and providers are able to be reimbursed for specific remote care services through the CMS Chronic Care Management services program.

“Providing healthcare is no longer just about seeing patients with chronic disease at the office. This advanced technology gives physicians a way to manage fragile patients with chronic diseases such as Heart Failure stay healthy and reduce hospital readmissions,” said Joseph Brunet RN, Vice President of Clinical Affairs at Objective Medical Systems.

“Physicians get notified if patients are trending toward an unfavorable outcome based on clinical variables which are remotely acquired in addition to a real-time remote interview with the patient. This platform becomes a force multiplier in delivering higher quality patient outcomes,” says Vinod Nair MD FACC FSCAI, President and Chief Software Architect of OMS.