There have been various studies conducted so far which lay down the basic preliminary evidence that the animal and the human gut which comprises components like microbiota and short-chain fatty acids are all linked up with the element of blood pressure. There have been various studies with try to prove a link between these two factors. Therefore, a similar attempt was made to include around 4589 persons in a sample study. They all belonged to a different ethnic group altogether. They were also a part of the Healthy Life in the Urban Setting program. It was found that in any subgroups the composition of fecal microbiota explained a positive correlation of about 4.4 percent of the total blood pressure tally. The best parameters which were used to denote the difference in the blood pressures included the Roseburia app, Clostridium app, Romboustia app.   This variance was reportedly the highest in the people who were of Turkish, South-Asian Surinamese, Ghanaian, Moroccan, and Turkish descent groups. The fecal components were higher in the elder part of the [opulation as compared to the younger parts of the population. Therefore, it was proved that the fecal microbiota composition was associated and linked with BP.

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