Ursolic acid (UA) supplementation may have therapeutic effects on metabolic syndrome (MetS). Therefore, this study aimed to investigate the effects of UA supplementation associated with a combined exercise program on MetS components in postmenopausal women.
Twenty-six women (61 ± 7 years) were randomized into two groups: UA (n = 13) and placebo (PLA, n = 13). Both groups followed a combined exercise program for 8 weeks (twice a week; ~60 min at moderate intensity) associated with either UA (450 mg/day) or placebo supplementation. Before and post-intervention, waist circumference (primary outcome), resting blood pressure, fasting blood analyses, body composition and physical function (secondary outcomes) were evaluated.
Greater changes in the absolute (mean difference: 1.8 kgf, 95% CI 0.3, 3.2) and relative (0.03 kgf/kg, 95% CI 0.01, 0.05) handgrip strength was observed for the UA group compared with PLA. However, no significant effects between groups were observed for waist circumference and other secondary outcomes. Furthermore, remission of MetS (according to the NCEP ATP III criteria) occurred in 38.5% of the participants in both groups.
The UA supplementation did not promote additional MetS profile improvement after 8 weeks of free-living intervention. However, our data indicated that UA resulted in a higher response on handgrip strength than did placebo in postmenopausal women, but further long-term studies are needed.
Brazilian Registry of Clinical Trials (ensaiosclinicos.gov.br): number RBR-276rrt.

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