This study states that The clinical pertinence of recently depicted nontuberculous mycobacteria is frequently muddled. We report an instance of aspiratory contamination brought about by Mycobacterium hassiacum in an immunocompetent patient in Austria who had ongoing obstructive pneumonic illness. Antimicrobial medication defenselessness testing showed low MICs for macrolides, aminoglycosides, fluoroquinolones, antibiotic medications, imipenem, and linezolid.

Be that as it may, some NTM can cause serious aspiratory infection. We as of late noticed an instance of NTM aspiratory sickness (NTM-PD) in Austria that was brought about by Mycobacterium hassiacum.

In January 2019, a 62-year-elderly person was conceded to the outpatient center at Kepler University Hospital in Linz, Austria, having had dry hack and reformist dyspnea for a while. No weight reduction or night sweats were accounted for. He had a clinical history of constant obstructive pneumonic sickness with serious emphysema in view of cigarette smoking. The patient had no set of experiences of tuberculosis or NTM-PD and was unconscious of any contact with people with mycobacterial diseases.

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